Saturday, January 24, 2015

Conversations with Kiddos

I had no idea it had been since June that I'd posted one of these. Since Olive is chatting away too, she's starting to add to the conversations. I am not so great about writing these down, but here are the ones I have remembered to record. It is pretty amazing to see how Penny's brain is evolving, and so many things she says really make me see what a thinker she is. Olive is just a goofball at the moment.

E: Maybe we can go out for ice cream tonight.
P: How about if I think about it? My think is going to be yes!

P: I told her lemon water is a kind of beer that kids can drink.

P: Mom, do you have powers?
E: Yeah! Do you?
P: Yes.
E: What are your powers?
P: Love.

P: I'm gonna go into outer space and catch the moon.
E: What are you going to catch it with?
P: A rake. Well it's kind of like a rake- a snow shovel.
E: Is it big and heavy?
P: Yes. Maybe I better wait until I'm a grown up and big and strong.

E: Do you know some things that are dangerous?
P: Fireworks, scissors, candles, t-Rex teeth, sticks you use to light candles, and sharp walls.

E: How come you didn't put undies on?
P: Because I just wanted to eat breakfast without undies.

P: What are your babies' names?
O: titty baby
P: Olive says her babies are named titty and baby.

E: Is Olive eating the salt?
P: No, she's eating the cinnamon.

P: (after eating steak for dinner) Mom, I need to floss because I have cow stuck in my teeth.

(Josh teaches Penny her age in fractions each month, and then all month she'd say "I'm 3 and seven twelfths" or "I'm 3 and two thirds.")
P: How come when I tell grownups how old I am, they laugh? Kids don't laugh though. They just say, "Oh".

E: Will you be an athlete when you're a grown up?
P: No. I'm going to be a mailman.

P: I want to be a tiger for Halloween.
E: Penny, we talked about this last week. You promised me you weren't going to change your mind and said you were absolutely sure you wanted to be a ghost.
P: I changed my mind that I wasn't going to change my mind.

P: Olive, please don't pee on the steps. You're supposed to go in the potty if you have to go potty.

(We have some regional vocabulary differences in our house, Josh being from the midwest and me being from the northeast.)
J: What do you have?
P: A sucker. Actually it's called a lollipop, but I said sucker so you can understand.

E: It stinks in here.
P: I know, Mommy. That's because you're in here.

(after returning home from a week visiting Gigi/grandma)
O: Gigi misses me.

P: Do you even know what empathy means?
E: Yes, do you?
P: Thinking about someone else's feelings.
E: How do you know that?
P: Daniel Tiger.

J: Who's your favorite?
O: Daddy.
J: Who's your second favorite?
O: Daddy.
J: Who's your third favorite?
O: Daddy.
J: Who's your fourth favorite?
O: Olive.
J: Who's your fifth favorite?
O: Penny.
J: Who's your sixth favorite?
O: Daddy.
J: Who's your seventh favorite?
O: Mommy.

P: Mommy, was that the real Santa, or just someone dressed up like Santa?

E: Ok, Olive, you can have a gummy bear.
O: No, five.

E: Olive, food stays in the kitchen.
O: Frustrated, Mommy!

12/31/14 (headed to a New Years Eve party)
P: At the party, are you just gonna talk and eat and stuff?

P: Mommy, you're human, and I'm a bee.
O: Olive's the queen!

P: There's a hundred million Jesuses. Because Jesus lives in my heart, and Jesus lives in everyone's heart, so there's a hundred million Jesuses.

O: I tell you secret, Daddy... I love me.

P: How do you get glasses?
E: You have to go to the eye doctor.
P: But how do you get there if you can't see?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

38 Weeks

Weeks pregnant: 38
Baby size: Leek
Total weight gain: +35 lb
Total waist gain: +12"

Physical stuff: Still feeling really good all things considered. I've been pampering myself lately to try to relax and get my body ready for labor. I had a prenatal massage, visited my friend's spa, got my hair cut, and I have a pedicure scheduled for tomorrow. I've started to feel baby drop and am getting that telltale cervical pressure, so it does feel like things are starting to progress. I am guessing maybe this weekend or early next week?

Emotional stuff: I am starting to feel more ready for this baby to come. I've buzzed through my to-do lists in the last week or so and am now just relaxing and working on some things that don't really need to be done before baby. I am a little grumpy lately and don't have a ton of patience with my girls. They've been difficult lately–Penny is doing the super emotional 4 thing, and Olive has molars coming through and is doing that tantrum 2 thing. Plus, Josh has been working really long hours for the last few weeks, often not home for dinner and even going to the office on Saturday. It's good that he's wrapping things up for paternity leave, but it's been tough to be doing so much solo parenting at 8+ months pregnant. Thank goodness for the gym nursery! I totally use it as babysitting so I can relax and hang out by myself.

Baby prep/birth prep: Prenatal appointment yesterday was fine–nothing noteworthy. We talked about my plan for wasting no time in getting to the birth center, and I feel pretty good about it. I think we will make it there and am hoping to have a little time to labor there.

To do list:

  • unpack baby clothes and gear/set up
  • write out instructions for helpers who come after baby is here
  • make list of people I can call to watch the kids when I need to go to the birth center
  • freeze a couple of meals And my sweet friends have a meal train set up for me, which is so amazing and the best thing anyone can do for us with a new baby!
  • freeze lactation cookies/other snacks- Lactation cookies are on the afternoon agenda for today, and I stocked up on granola bars, etc at Costco last weekend.
  • get birth ball ready- I decided I don't really need this since I don't plan to labor at home at all.
  • order breast pump through insurance I ordered this on 1/11 and am really hoping it arrives soon. They said 5 days for processing and 3-5 days for shipping, but it hasn't shipped yet...
  • meet with birth photographer
  • pack bag for birth center I also packed a bag for the kids in case they need to come with us.
  • postpartum supply list

Thursday, January 15, 2015

37 Weeks

Weeks pregnant: 37
Baby size: Swiss Chard
Total weight gain: +34 lb
Total waist gain: +12"

Physical stuff: Still feeling relatively decent. I am awake for about 2 hours in the middle of the night every night, but I've been going to sleep on the early side, so I'm still feeling rested enough.

Emotional stuff: It's been a really stressful beginning of 2015. I had put off a lot of baby prep things to January, but then our lives got unexpectedly super busy and stressful at the beginning of this month, so that's been a little tough. I am trying to let myself relax and get mentally prepared to give birth, but I haven't been doing the best job really. I need to make this a priority so that I don't delay labor by not being emotionally ready. I did schedule a prenatal massage and haircut for this weekend, so maybe a little pampering will help me unwind.

Baby prep/birth prep: Beta Strep test came back negative. Baby was measuring 36.5-37 weeks this week, so pretty much on target. Honestly, I feel like nothing is happening any time soon. Baby still feels high, BH have been about the same as they've been for months. I've started taking my evening primrose and red raspberry tea, but who knows if that does anything. I really need to remember my kegels–I haven't done them nearly as consistently as I did with the other two, and I do think that makes a difference with tearing. I don't really want baby to come early, and I'm not feeling mentally ready at all, so I'm okay with another couple weeks of waiting.

To do list:
  • unpack baby clothes and gear/set up- in progress
  • write out instructions for helpers who come after baby is here
  • make list of people I can call to watch the kids when I need to go to the birth center
  • freeze a couple of meals
  • freeze lactation cookies/other snacks
  • get birth ball ready
  • order breast pump through insurance
  • meet with birth photographer
  • pack bag for birth center
  • postpartum supply list

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Frozen Winter-y Birthday

Since my girls' birthdays are 2 years, 4 days apart, it makes it really easy to have a big double birthday party. I am thinking we will make it a triple party starting next year! We might not always do it this way, but for now the girls are happy with it, and it makes sense to me. We have a lot of Frozen love around here, it's the perfect time of year for snowflakes and ice, and I found two local girls who dress up like Anna and Elsa for birthday parties, so we thought it would be super fun to do a Winter/Frozen theme. It was a super super fun party–Anna and Elsa were a huge hit and were absolutely adorable. They sang with the kids, read to them, answered their questions, etc. We had many starry-eyed little ones here.

We kept the decor very simple, just some snowflake cutouts (found on Christmas clearance!) on horizontal surfaces and hung with thread from the windows and chandelier, a birthday banner, and a sign for the door (dad's contribution!).

 Wine bar for the grown-ups and hot cocoa bar for the littles.

We had two cakes–this was only fair of course. We have a friend with a peanut allergy, so I had Penny's cake made by a peanut-free baker, and then I made Olive's cake myself (carrot!). Baking one cake was about my limit anyway.

My sweet little birthday Elsas. I loosely used this tutorial for the dresses, but I took a few liberties. All materials were upcycled from thrift store garments, and I made their skirts different colors to keep things interesting. I was especially tickled to find the cape fabric, which was a sparkly ombre scarf just screaming to become an Elsa cape. There is also some sparkle in the bodice pieces.

We had planned to do face-painting (just simple snowflakes and snowmen), but we ended up not really having time.

I also made crowns for the birthday girls (loosely modeled after the one here), and our special guests did a cute little coronation ceremony for Penny. Olive wanted nothing to do with Anna or Elsa at first, but she slowly warmed up.

By the end of the party, Olive cried when Elsa had to leave.

Overall, we had a great time, and I'm so glad we were able to take the time to celebrate with friends in such a festive and fun way!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Omaha House #2

What a crazy and wild year this has been. Moved to Europe. Moved back from Europe. Bought a house. Spent most of the year pregnant. I am sure ready for things to slow down some. Although, with the new addition to our family upcoming, I bet 2015 will be anything but slow. I thought it would be fun to finish off the year with a little house tour. We didn't do much work to this house (it was pretty perfect already!), but we did renovate the kitchen and finish the basement. I'll mostly just let the pictures speak for themselves, and I'll make notes on the "before" pictures.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen after. We did new backsplash, appliances, countertops, sink, faucet, range hood, lighting, and moved a few cabinets around. We splurged on the backsplash, but I am absolutely in love with the Fireclay tile we ended up choosing.

Kitchen "before"

I didn't get a good shot of this side of the kitchen before the renovation, but here is a mid-reno shot. The fridge was in that green corner, and then there were cabinets around it and a round countertop/bar on the left side where you see the post. The barstools were in the middle of the doorway and made the kitchen feel really cramped. Here is the after shot of this side:

Side stairs from the kitchen

Powder room off the kitchen

Main entrance

This is a sunroom off of the living room that we use as a playroom.

Basement before/mid

Basement before

Basement before
Basement after. Added a wall to separate out a family room from the laundry area, added doors, drywall, new flooring (tile that looks like wood), and paint. We decided not to put in a ceiling since it was already painted white and would have encroached on headspace.

Guest Room
Jack & Jill bathroom that connects guest room to Olive's room

Master with double walk-in closets.

Master suite

We don't have enough clothes to fill two walk-in closets, so we share one and I turned the other into a sewing room.

Penny's attic room:

The window seat was here, but we added the shelving on either side of the window.

Wishing you all a blessed and joyful 2015!