Friday, April 8, 2011

Those diapers are great... for me to poop on!

I think we have a new favorite diaper in the cotton bottom household. I had received a GroVia all-in-two diaper from my registry as a shower gift, but I hadn't really used it when Penny was itty bitty. It had seemed too bulky for her little body, and it seemed like the insert was too long for the diaper. However, I started using it recently, and I LOVE it! I ordered a few more, and I think GroVias are my new favorite (BTW, they are NOT paying me and do not even know who I am!). Definitely top 3 at least. How do I love thee, let me count the ways...

1. Easy changes/no leaks (what I love about gDiapers, plus improved leak protection):
The GroVia has two parts: a cover and an insert that snaps into the cover. It is similar in concept to the gDiaper, but it has quite a different design. I like the concept of only changing/washing part of the diaper each time and not having to match and stuff inserts, which both diapers have. The difference in design makes the GroVia far less likely to leak than the gDiaper. The gDiaper has 3 parts, only 1 of which is waterproof (the liner that goes in between the insert and the pant). The GroVia has two parts, both of which are waterproof. The GroVia insert is backed with a waterproof layer, and the cover is waterproof as well. If the insert gets soaked, the cover will still catch any mess. The insert is also bigger and has more layers than the g.

2. Versatility:
You can use this diaper as the company has intended with the snap-in inserts... OR you could use the covers as your run-of-the-mill diaper covers and put them over prefolds... OR you could use the covers over doublers without having to fold and pin the prefolds... OR you could use them as the company has intended with the snap-in inserts AND add in an extra doubler or two for increased absorbency...OR you can use them with the disposable BioSoakers for a vacation option. Additionally, these diapers are one-size-fits-all. They have adjustable rise in front, so they will grow with your baby and you won't have to buy different sizes. I am VERY partial to a one-size diaper. One more thing, you have the option of snap or velcro closures–every color comes in both options, so you choose! The velcro ones are VERY strong (I really have to pull to get them open) and super soft, so if you don't get them lined up exactly right, your baby won't have scratchy sides.

Hooooo has the cutest bottom in town?!
3. They're friggin adorable:
They come in a few fabulous colors, but they also come in PRINTS! Cute prints at that–we're not talking pastel cartoon characters here. Owls, planes, flowers, and trees, all super cute and pretty gender-neutral (mmm, maybe the purple flowers are a little girly). I am planning on having more than one baby, and I don't want to get stuck buying new diapers because the ones I have are too gender-specific. At the same time, I don't want all yellow diapers, so I love me a gender-neutral print!

4. All of their inserts are organic.

5. Vacation Diaper:
I've heard that a lot of families switch to disposables for vacation because they don't want to wash diapers on vacation. I've heard that this choice can actually create MORE laundry because disposables leak so much that you're washing poop out of clothes instead of out of diapers. The GroVias can be a great solution to this problem. They make a disposable "BioSoaker" that you can use with the covers. When it's time for a diaper change, you pull out the insert, toss it (biodegrades in 150 days as opposed to 500 years for disposable diapers, I'm just sayin'), and put a new one in.

Penny and I will be visiting her Gigi in Florida next week, and we ordered a pack of BioSoakers to be shipped right to Gigi's house. I'll just bring the covers with me, and we'll get to try out the BioSoakers while we're there. I'll let you know how it goes.

No review would be complete without any critiques. I do think the GroVias are bulky. They were intimidating to me at first because the soaker looks like it is too long to fit into the cover when the cover is snapped down in the smallest rise. Once I actually put it on Penny, I realized that the cover stretches over the soaker, and you can just tuck any excess inside. These are also a bit pricey. It's $24.95 for a set of 1 soaker & 1 cover. The covers are $16.95 each, and soakers are 2 for $16.95. GroVia does offer discounts if you buy multiple sets. Their "experience package" saves you about $6 if you buy 2 covers and 4 soakers together. You can save more if you buy a full set of 12 covers and 24 soakers. I don't really ever recommend buying all of one kind of diaper, but GroVias or FuzziBunz would be the only two you should even consider if you are determined to do so.

This month, there is a GroVia promotion at many sites where you buy 3 covers and get 1 free, which ends up being a pretty good deal. Even if you don't buy the soakers and just use these as diaper covers, that's still a pretty good deal. Since they're one-size, you'd never need to buy another cover! Ecobabies, the site that offered 5% off to my readers (code IFOLLOWCBM) is offering the buy 3 get 1 deal. I don't know whether you could get both deals at once, but you could use your 5% to buy the soakers or anything else on your wish list. Happy shopping!

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