Friday, September 30, 2011

Pinterest to Real Life: Book Pumpkins

I seem to be on a crafting kick lately. I don't know if it's the fall season that's inspiring, or if it's the home renovation winding down that makes me want to add a little extra seasonal flair to the house, or if it's being a mom that pushes me to make the seasons/holidays fun for my little family. Whatever it is, I'm having fun! My second installation of Pinterest to Real Life features book pumpkins from Creations By Kara! Here is Kara's pumpkin:
And here are mine:

 Mine are a little more boxy and not quite as bright orange, but very similar. Thanks, Kara, for the great craft idea! This is a fantastic way to "upcycle" those horrible parenting books that tell you to let your babies cry until they vomit or develop learned helplessness. (I'm sort of kidding, but not really.)

A side note on photography. I am trying to become a better photographer, and I've really, really learned that when you use the manual setting, it is so freakin' important to get lots and lots of light. I've always heard photographers talk about how important light is, and I was always like "What's the big deal with this?!" Well, now I get it. When you don't have good light, you have to use a higher ISO, and that makes the pictures look grainy, which I'm not a fan of. You also need to use a slower shutter speed, which can make the pictures blurry. I know this is, like, super basic knowledge for anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of photography, but I'm new at this! I also bought this ebook, Say No To Auto that is fantastic for newbies like me!

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  1. Thanks for linking back to my tutorial, I appreciate it!
    I love how your pumpkins turned out. I actually really like the boxy one. I might have to make another one like it. :)