Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kindle Cover

I received a Kindle for Christmas, which I am loving! I hardly ever buy books, so I didn't really rush out to get an e-reader when they first became popular, but now that Amazon Prime members are allowed access to the Amazon library and local libraries are getting more and more kindle books to loan, I have access to lots of free e-books. Anyway, I used it as an opportunity to make a cute Kindle cover. I just wanted a simple sleeve that would protect it in my purse. I didn't need a cover that would stay on while I'm reading. After scouring the internet and Pinterest for tips, I ended up finding this tutorial to be the most helpful. I changed up the patchwork pattern and used my signature bright color palate. I was able to use lots of small scraps from my scrap bin. The tree patterns are popular from my Etsy shop, and you may recognize the pink plaid and houndstooth lining from my Christmas critters post. The plaid used to be a skirt, and the houndstooth was a pair of pants.

Do you have an e-reader? Do you love it? What kind of cover do you have?

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  1. This is so cute! I'm totally pinning & will try to recreate something similar when I get a little handier with my sewing machine! I, too, just got a Kindle for Christmas & I've been wanting something cute & colorful to protect it! :)