Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My aStore

It's no secret that I love Amazon. We are Prime members, so we get free 2-day shipping on everything there, and I almost always check Amazon before making any purchases. I also love reading reviews on there–it makes me such a better shopper, and I hardly ever have buyer's remorse when I shop on Amazon. It's like free consumer reports. Now, I know it's good to support small businesses, especially local small businesses, and I swear, I do do that when possible, especially for cloth diapers and unique items (love Etsy!). But if I can get a significantly better price on Amazon, on, say, a vacuum cleaner, I will buy there, especially with free shipping. I also like that Amazon uses green shipping (low waste packaging, recycled cardboard). We did our baby registry on Amazon, and it worked really well for us. We didn't have a local cloth diaper store in VA when we registered, so I was able to register for cloth diapers and other non-conventional baby items that aren't always available at the most popular baby registry stores. And don't even get me started on Amazon Wish Lists. Everyone should have one. Seriously, everyone. It makes gift-giving so easy!

I also love, love, love to talk about and share great products. It is especially so much fun to hear about kid/baby items from other moms, and I've done lots of posts about products I love in the past. Since I recently became an Amazon associate, I have been able to create an "aStore" where I can list all my favorite products in different categories. So now you can see all the things that I love on Amazon in one place. Lots of moms-to-be have emailed me asking for help with baby registries, and my aStore will be a great resource for that purpose. I also have categories for books, fertility, cloth diapering, green products, and misc. Click here to check out my aStore. Do you have an aStore? If so, leave your link b/c I'd love to see what's on your list. If not, what would you buy on Amazon if you had $500 to spend? Please share your favorite products with me! I love talking about this stuff!

The Amazon links in this post are affiliate links and will earn me referrals if you use them to purchase any of these items. All opinions are 100% mine, and I love these products whether they earn me a referral or not!

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