Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Food

I love Valentine's Day, and I especially love Valentine-themed food. Specifically heart-shaped. Maybe it is because my birthday is 10 days before V-day and my mom and I always made heart-shaped butter cookies to take to school for my birthday. Decorating them was always a blast! Or maybe it is because pink is the best color ever. Or maybe it is just enjoying the celebration of love. Who doesn't love love? Really. I was in charge this week of bringing snacks to a group I'm in, and I jumped at the opportunity to make heart-shaped and Valentine-themed snacks. I of course did what any modern woman would do when tasked with such a job, which is obviously to consult Pinterest. Who hasn't seen this photo of heart-shaped melon on a stick on Pinterest from

Adorable! I was inspired, but I modified based on what I was able to find at Trader Joe's. I hate to buy fruit out of season, but I made an exception for this (And it seems every time I blog about buying fruit, it is out of season. Yikes!). I found a mini watermelon, a honeydew, strawberries, and a pack of pineapple spears. I did not make cute little kabobs, and I didn't have a heard-shaped dish or great photography, but they were a hit anyway! Here's how I acheived my version:

For the honeydew and watermelon, I sliced a thin layer off the bottom so that they would stay still on my cutting board. Then, I just sliced about 1" slices and used a cookie cutter to cut out heart shapes.
Since the honeydew has a seed cavity in the center, my middle slices of that were just half hearts, but mixed in the bowl, they didn't really stand out.

Tip: if you have trouble getting thin enough slices, just make them thick at first. It is easy to slice the fruit once it is cut into heart shapes to make them thinner and have more pieces.

I saved all of the fruit trimmings in a separate container so as not to be wasteful. It is still yummy even if it isn't quite as cute.

The pineapple spears were already sort of trapezoidal in shape, so I just sliced down the long edges to make the whole spears long hearts. Then I sliced the long spears into thin hearts.

For the strawberries, I went sort of impressionistic. Strawberries are already somewhat heart-shaped. I just helped them along a little while cutting off the stems by using my cookie cutter and then slicing down the center.

And there you have Valentine Fruit Salad:

I also made heart-shaped cinnamon rolls after seeing this pin:

from here. I had not planned on making these, but Trader Joe's had the kind in a can, and I remembered this pin and thought it would be super simple (it was). The TJ's ones were circular when they came out of the can. I just unrolled them halfway and then re-rolled the part I had un-rolled to make this shape:

I wish I had gotten a picture after they came out of the oven, but they basically looked like this, but puffier (i.e. cooked!), and then I drizzled frosting on them. They were fabulous, if not terribly unhealthy I'm sure.

I had high hopes of making these:

But I ran out of time. Maybe next week?

I also found cheddar cheese with chocolate slivers (you never know what you will find at TJ's!), which sort of completed the theme.

What are your favorite V-day treats?!

Speaking of Valentine's Day, if you are in the market for Valentines and want to donate to a good cause at the same time, consider these Save the Children Valentines. They are super cute, designed by popular children's book illustrators, and will make you feel good about sharing the love. Ours came in the mail today, and now I need to scramble to send them out!

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  1. I <3 fun, adorable food. I love using food and meals to celebrate a special date. (I'd much rather cook a fun meal or have a fun meal out than receive a gift any ol' day.) I imagine my future self making elaborate bento lunches for Arlo on special days when he is a little older. I've tried the chopstick/hard boiled egg trick before, and my heart was NOT all plump and cute, but rather kind of narrow and oblong and, well, basically just a mutant looking egg. I think it may have been cooked a little too hard. I love the cinnamon roll idea, and I just might steal it for a Vday breakfast surprise for Nick! :)