Friday, October 12, 2012

Upcycled Utensil Towel Hooks

I don't know whether any other moms of toddlers have this problem (I am guessing probably), but we can't keep dish towels on the stove bar or anywhere else that little hands can reach. As soon as Penny walks into the kitchen, she immediately beelines for any towels within reach that she can yank down and toss on the floor. She doesn't want to play with them–she just doesn't want them hanging nicely. In our old kitchen, we had lots of counter space, so it wasn't a big deal to leave towels on the counter. But we are much more limited in this rental. I wanted to get some cute hooks to hang near the window, far away from Penny height. You all know by now that I hate to buy new things, especially silly little household items like hooks. I don't like to pay the high prices or stimulate production of more crap that the planet doesn't need, so I always try to buy used first. After perusing a few thrift stores in search of hooks to no avail, I stumbled upon a huge basket of sterling antique utensils, and inspiration struck. An opportunity to DIY instead of buying new? Repurposing something that is no longer serving a purpose to anyone? Creating something crafty and unique? This project was perfect for us. I found a fork and spoon that happened to match (not that it really would have mattered) and got Josh to work some magic in his workshop. And here we have some fabulous utensil hooks for the kitchen–even culinary-themed. What could be better?!

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  1. I really like this idea! I find inexpensive silverware at the thrift stores all the time, maybe I'll rescue some for a project like this! Thanks for sharing.
    Please stop by & check out my blog I have lots of up-cycling projects on there.
    Bridget ;>} @