Monday, January 14, 2013

Penelope's 2nd birthday party: Go, Dog! Go!

I can't let too much time go by without posting about Penny's birthday party. We kept it pretty simple this year–just a few tots and their parents, some light fare, and a couple of simple activities. I was afraid we would have to cancel or reschedule the party since it was so close to my due date. Plus, I was 9 months pregnant and just didn't have the energy to go too crazy. I liked using a book theme last year, so we went with another book. This year, it was Go, Dog! Go!, one of Penny's favorites.

I ordered the invitations from Graham Cracker Designs on Etsy. They were designed to be printed and mailed, but I just emailed the pdf out to the party guests. Green. Simple. Lazy.

If you're familiar with the book, you know that hats play a key role. There is a fabulous over-the-top hat on the last page that I recreated for Penny.

We did a reading of the book and colored dogs made by tracing little hands.

We had a simple table-scape with pink punch and some healthy snacks.

I made a round, pink layer cake, just like in the book. This cake is relatively healthy and super yummy. It is my go-to healthy cake recipe, and it totally passes for breakfast food at a 10am birthday party. I will post the recipe in a separate post soon.

And all the kids got party hats with dog ears in bright colors and party blowers, just like at the big dog party in the book.

It was a fun and sweet little party. Thanks, Olive, for so graciously letting us celebrate Penny's birthday before your arrival!

And extra thanks to my friend Sabrina for taking most of these pictures. The ones that are grainy with bad lighting were taken by me, but she took all the gorgeous shots!

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