Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vitamix Breadcrumbs

I started making homemade breadcrumbs in the Vitamix. We go through lots of hearty whole wheat bread loaves around here. We get the crusty delicious kind from local bakeries/farmers market. We don't eat the end pieces, so I throw them in a bag in the freezer. When the bag gets full, I toss them in the Vitamix on about 4 or 5, a couple at a time, to make the best whole wheat breadcrumbs you'll ever taste. I store them in the freezer, and we use them to bread chicken or fish. There is nothing like it. Here are the reasons I love to do this:
  • Saves packaging to make our own breadcrumbs instead of buying them.
  • Uses all parts of the bread loaf, so no waste.
  • Saves money.
  • Is so much more delicious than store bought breadcrumbs.
So, what's not to love?

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